Showcasing our students hard work

Winter Recital

 Date: December 14th at 2 pm

Where: Grass Valley Elementary

3000 NW Grass Valley D

Spring Recital 2020 

 Date: June 20th at 5 pm

Where: Camas High School Theater

26900 SE 15th St
Tickets TBA




Ticketing & Costs:

Do I have to buy a ticket? Yes, you will need to purchase tickets. The cost is $8/ adults & $4/ Children

When do tickets go on sale? Sales start May 1st   


Why do I have to buy a ticket? Ticket sales help cover production costs like; printing programs, professional sound & light technician & staffing costs for the event (teachers, assistants, ticket takers, etc.).


Where do I buy tickets? You can purchase tickets from our website:


How many people can I invite? We ask that you try and limit to 10 per family but a few more will not be an issue.


Performance Day:


How long will the performance last? Spring performance time is usually an hour and a half but be prepared for possible overages due to unexpected delays with dancers/costumes. We will do our best to have everything ready to go right at performance time.


What time do the dancers need to arrive? We ask that dancers arrive 45 min early


Do I stay back stage with my dancer? You are welcome to come back stage and helper your dancer get dressed but we will have designated parent helpers for each class that will assist in keeping your little one safe and making sure they are ready for performance time so that you can enjoy the show.


Where do I meet my child are their performance? There are 2 flights of stairs in front of the stage, we will let the youngest dancers down into the audience after they perform. The older dancers will be released into the back-stage area where they will be able to make their way to the audience or watch the rest of the performance from back-stage.




Do I have to participate in the recital pictures? No, but they are awfully cute!


When will pictures arrive and where to I pick them up? Pictures usually take about 3 weeks to come back. You can pick pictures up at the studio or you can ask the photographer to mail them directly to you for an additional cost.


How do I pay for pictures? You will pay the photographer directly on pictures day; cash, check or card.



When will I get my costume? We will try on costumes when they arrive but we will not disperse until the week before pictures.


If I miss sizing week will I still get a costume? Yes, but you will need to arrange a private sizing session with Lexi our studio administrative assistant.


How do I pay my costume fee? We provided a link via email that was sent out at the beginning of March or you can pay at the studio.


Why is the costume fee more for older students? Costumes typically cost more for larger sizes.


Other Questions:


What does the participation fee cover? This fee covers the facility rental cost.


Are there dance classes the week after recital? Yes, this year we have one more week of class after the recital so be sure not to miss it. 


Is there a dress rehearsal? No, due to high facility rental costs we do not have a full stage dress rehearsal. Often times your teacher will request that you do an in-class dress rehearsal to just make sure that everything fits and moves as expected.  

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