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Raising to the Vibration of Love

Harnessing the power of dance to change the world

Dance Evolution is launching The Vibration Dance Project, a specialized dance education program for local girls aged 9-15, free for all families who meet program requirements. Aimed at empowering and inspiring young girls through dance to raise up to the vibration of love, this exciting new program not only teaches students to dance, but also to love themselves and, in turn, to send that love out into the world around them. In short, the program’s main goal is to create a community of young women that want to live, love and give love. We want all girls to feel welcomed and safe so all races, identities, body types, and dance skill levels are welcome.

Program Times 

Mondays 5:00-6:15 pm

Location: Dance Evolution, 334 NE 4th Avenue, Camas WA 98607

Cost: Free to all families that meet our requirements

Requirements: Girls aged 9-15. No dance experience necessary

Contact Info 

Aspen Tufares-Dance Evolution

Ph: 360-818-1695


About the Program

This project is designed for girls going through a challenging time in their lives (preadolescence and adolescence). Dance is the perfect practice for girls who may be struggling with issues of self-image and emotional expression, because it is a universal language that can heal, inspire, and connect us. Dance is a way out of one’s head and into the body; when words don’t come easily, dance allows the body to speak, to find true connection with the outside world. In our classes, we will explore dance’s ability to positively shape both our inner and outer worlds.


Our classes will teach students to connect, through dance, with the vibration of love, which is the most powerful of emotional states, capable of healing our minds and bodies and affecting positive change, not only in our own lives but in the lives of those closest to us. Trained facilitators of this new program will work to provide a safe space where students can process the (sometimes overwhelming and painful) challenges life presents and practice essential life skills that will enable them to lead more fulfilling and happy lives.


In our classes—which will meet weekly for six months to encourage long-term positive changes in our students’ lives—we will work on:


Increasing love for ourselves;

Practicing mindfulness, consciousness, and positive thinking;

Improving physical and emotional health;

Bridging the mind-body gap that can get negatively impact our thinking processes and behavior, emotional control, and creativity;

Serving, and giving back to, our communities.

What Students Will Take Away from the Program

  • Hip-Hop & Lyrical Dance Instruction

  • Mentoring & Life Coaching  

  • New Friendships

  • Participation in Service Projects that Give Back to Our Community

  • Experience Leading with Confidence & Love

  • Mindfulness Practices

  • Skills to Bridge the Gap Between the Mind and Body

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